Energy company En+Group, owned by businessman Oleg Deripaska, plans to annually sell to the miners electricity for 1 billion. This was told Russian media the General Director of En+ Maxim Sokov.

According to Sokov, to this end, the miners will be offered on a competitive basis, five sites in the Irkutsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk. We are talking about the areas near the power plants owned by En+.

Low cost electricity in the region due to subsidies from Deripaska. According to Forbes, the total capital of a businessman now stands at $6.7 billion, it ranks among the 20 richest Russian businessmen. However, the April sanctions of the us authorities has affected energy companies Deripaska: they appealed to the government of the Russian Federation with a request to release them from the obligation to pay subsidies. This request was rejected, and now energy trying to compensate for the expense of putting the land to rent and sell large amounts of electricity.

Now companies gather a pool of investors, including from the United States and China. The latter may be of particular interest, given the difficult situation of mining and crypto-currencies in China.

The first plot of land on competition has exposed the company “Irkutskenergo”, the majority of which is owned by “the EuroSibEnergo” (part of En+). A lease will put the station in Irkutsk with a total area of almost 22 000 square meters. “Irkutskenergo” promises to provide supply cables with a capacity of nearly 15 MW, but to connect the equipment shall be the tenant himself.

The minimum rent is almost 300 000, but during the first five months will be to operate a preferential regime with a rate of slightly more than 200 000. The winner will be the participant who offered the highest rent at the end of the grace period. The lowest rate at high voltage is 2.17 ruble per 1 kW, which is much cheaper than the cost of electricity in the European part of Russia. Thus, it is quite beneficial about the offer that may be of interest to major miners.