July 13, the Greek court decided to satisfy the request of the French authorities and extradited to France the Russian specialist cryptocurrency Alexander winnick. This was reported by “Interfax” Greek lawyer Ilias Russian Spiliadis, adding that the court decided to apply the expedited form of extradition.

According to the lawyer, the defense believes the court’s decision is wrong and intends to file a complaint against him:

We will definitely appeal against today’s decision. Before the complaint will be reviewed by the Supreme court of Athens, Alexander will not be able to extradite, he will be in Greece.

In France winnick charged with “cyber-crime, legalization of proceeds from crime and participation in a criminal organization”. In particular, it is argued that in the period between 2016 and 2018, he allegedly stole money from 100 people in six French cities. According to the French law enforcement authorities, even being in a Greek jail, winnick had access to the operations at the site of the former BTC-e, one of the leaders of which were, and continued to carry out the fraudulent scheme. The court of Paris issued a warrant for his arrest.

The charges of the French side largely coincide with the position of the American authorities, who sought the extradition of a Russian citizen in the United States. According to them, winnick was involved in the collapse of the exchange Mt. Gox: that he, stealing out of funds, laundered them through BTC-e and tradehill’s us site. Also in the United States of a Russian suspected of involvement in several other crimes, all we are talking about the 21st episode of criminal activity. It was on the request of the United States Alexander Vinnik were arrested in Greece in July last year.

The issuance winnik achieves and Russia, where he initially was accused of fraud for 800 000 rubles (about $12 700), and then Vinnik wrote to the Russian consequence of surrender and expressed willingness to testify. In may of this year at home against him was initiated a new criminal case on fraud in the sphere of computer information, committed in especially large size. July 6, Russia appealed to Greece’s re-extradition request.

Sam winnick denied that he had committed the incriminated in France acts, and his lawyer claims that the French side has not provided any evidence of guilt of his client. According to Spiliadis, “France used to send Alexander in the United States.”

The Supreme court of Greece shall consider the complaint, filed by the defence winnick, within ten days.