German Bank SolarisBank has launched a program of Blockchain Factory to work with European crypto – blockchain – companies. This is stated in the official message of the Bank.

We’re truly excited to launch our own @solarisBank Blockchain Factory today to become the #banking partner for the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain industry. Read more about this strategic step in our official press release:

— solarisBank (@solarisBank) 28 Jun 2018

Note that most European banks are afraid to deal with cryptocurrency startups because of the potential use of digital currencies for money laundering and financing criminal activities.

However SolarisBank takes a different point of view, and under the initiative, the financial institution will be open for the needs of the blockchain-companies of a Bank account in Fiat currency.

Another service from the Bank — automated trust account — allows crypto-currency exchanges from around the world to implement the purchase and sale of Fiat currencies.

According to representatives of Bank, Blockchain Factory is a technical and regulatory bridge between the banking sector and the world of the blockchain.

“Fiat currency is not going to disappear. We are going towards a hybrid future in which the world of the blockchain has yet to prove its worth. However, we see the revolutionary potential of these business models and help shape the future of this industry”, — said the technical Director SolarisBank and head of Blockchain Factory Peter Grosskopf.

The Bank’s representatives say that they are acting within the legal field and very picky about a possible partnership.

In a statement, the organization said that the next strategic step SolarisBank will be providing services in the field of cryptocurrency.

Earlier ForkLog wrote that the Swiss authorities will simplify the blockchain-companies the process of opening Bank accounts.