Financial leaders of member countries “the Big twenty” it is expected that the standards for the application of the rules of anti-money laundering (AML) in relation to cryptocurrencies will be discussed in October.

Finance Ministers and heads of Central banks G20 spent the Buenos Aires meeting, which reaffirmed their position on the “vigilant” monitoring of scriptaction.

Published in the summit statement noted that cryptocurrencies do not pose a risk to global financial stability. However, they are problems concerning the protection of consumers and investors, market integrity, tax evasion, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Member countries of the G20 welcomed the policy update of the financial stability Board (FSB) to monitor scriptaction, released earlier. In addition, they urged the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF) for the three months to clarify how its current standards applicable to cryptocurrencies.

“We reaffirm adopted in March obligations related to the implementation of the FATF standards, and ask the group to clarify by October 2018, as its standards are applied to cryptocurrency assets”, — said in a statement.

The FATF started a discussion AML mandatory rules for cryptocurrency exchanges at the end of last month. As explained in the group will also review the effectiveness of existing rules, developed in 2015, and studied their applicability to the cryptocurrency industry.

Recall that the financial leaders of the G20 discussed the problem of regulation of cryptocurrencies at the previous meeting, held in Buenos Aires in March.