The state Duma has received from the FSB comments on the draft law on digital of financial assets, which indicated that the draft law is not regulated the question of the laundering of money through cryptocurrency. About this informed the head of the Duma Committee on Finance Anatoly Aksakov at a meeting of the Committee for the review of amendments to the second reading of the bill, writes TASS.

He added that this issue should be resolved within 2019.

“We have observations of the Federal security service, which primarily relate to the fact that the issues related to the regulation of the use of so-called cryptocurrency, bitcoin… and other tools, which are widely used in our life, including money-laundering, received by a criminal way, including for the financing of various nefarious deeds, it is the act not regulated. To a large extent”, — said Aksakov.

He noted that this question really wasn’t addressed in the bill “due to the complexity and discussion of positions on this issue.”

“But it is the decision of the FATF — an international organization to combat money laundering obtained by criminal means, in accordance with which this issue must be resolved within 2019. The position of the FATF, on the basis of information of the Federal financial monitoring service, is such that they welcome the revision of the law, which prepared for the second reading is the first step to resolve this issue, but for 2019 we in the legislation have to register,” — said Aksakov.

The Deputy proposed to reflect this in the resolution of the state Duma and on the basis of Committee to establish a working group to address the issue, which will include representatives of the FSB, Rosfinmonitoringa, Finance Ministry, economic development Ministry and the Central Bank.

Present at the meeting of the Committee, the FSB Maksim Medvedev confirmed that Aksakov voiced the position of the Department.

“We are not as the comments and suggestions noted excessive workability of the bill, binding it to a specific technology — the blockchain, the current version of these rules remained”, he added. Discuss current news and events on the Forum