The Commission for the supervision of financial markets of France (AMF) has criticized the initiative for the sale of cryptocurrencies in tobacco shops in the country, according to the Finance Magnates.

As stated by the representatives of the regulator, the company Kepler, which plans to provide processing support shops probably will not provide their customers adequate protection. Representatives of the AMF added that the company has operated without regulatory oversight and necessary certifications.

In a statement, the AMF also stated that, given the risks of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is “not suitable for inexperienced in financial matters of private investors”. According to the Ministry, in France trade of bitcoin is outside the purview of financial regulators.

AMF is not the first hostile comment on the cryptocurrency. In may the head of the Department Robert the Ophelia called them “toxic investment product” and a tool to Rob people.

ForkLog previously reported that the French authorities are planning to impose taxes on ICO projects.

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