The owner of the fourth largest bitcoin wallet moved him past 60 000 BTC ($230 million). As reported Trustnodes, withdrawals occurred at the end of February.

The first crediting at this address in the amount of 0.001 BTC was made on 24 October 2014. Since the sum of incoming transactions of a bitcoin whale was 113 000 BTC ($440 million).

The address was mainly used for storage of bitcoins, but after reaching the first cryptocurrency maximum prices in 2017, its owner has begun the withdrawal of assets.

The publication noticed that the withdrawal of 60 000 BTC was carried out by parts during the period 11:00 to 19:00 GMT on 28 February. The size of a transaction is most often $ 1,000 BTC.

“Exercised in the same transaction for different wallets suggests that the “kit” used BY some with pre-established parameters”, — said Trustnodes.

By assumption, the newspaper, the owner of the purse or decided to disperse their assets to avoid undue attention, or sold bitcoins in OTC markets.

However Trustnodes stressed that their findings on the sale of coins according to the results of the analysis are not confirmed and do not pretend to absolute accuracy.

Recall from the beginning of 2019 the largest balances of addresses increased by more than 150 000 BTC.