Chen Huixin, CEO of gaming company Funcity and founder ridesharing the Chinese application Kuaidi Dache, announced that it plans to create the equivalent of Uber in the database of the blockchain, CoinDesk writes.

According to the post Chen’s WeChat, the new platform, announced on Sunday at a special event after the show 2018 Guiyang big data Expo, will be developed in conjunction with Jan Young, co-founder of one of the largest Chinese apps for coupon sales Meituan.

“This is the first case when the blockchain will be tested in social application on an enormous scale”, – quotes the words of Chen edition of China Money Network.

Although Chen has not said how exactly blockchain platform will be used for application development and how he plans to cope with the problems of scalability, his new project is still quite remarkable, as the entrepreneur has rich experience in this industry.

Service Kuaidi Dache was founded by Chen in 2012 and almost instantly became very popular. His main rival in the market was riddering-app Didi Chuxing.
Both companies were funded by venture capital firms and Internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba, but joined to each other in the tough business of war, constantly reducing the price of their services. In 2014, the company merged together and became the largest ridesharing application of China called Didi Chuxing. Later, the group was forced out of the Chinese market Uber.

Chen’s plan to integrate in their solutions the blockchain is not surprising – the head Funcity is one of the largest investors blockchain projects in China. According to the February article, Chen has invested at least ten cryptocurrency projects, including major trading platforms such as Huobi and Binance.