A resident of Quebec, Dominique Lacroix, one of the accused in the fraudulent ICO company PlexCoin, transferred more than $3 million in favour of the affected investors during the trial. At the meeting, which was held on July 6, judge Raymond Pronovost told Lacroix that he has 24 hours to transfer bitcoins under the control of the court address, but the next day, Lacroix said that his bitcoins are stored on computers that are confiscated by the police. The computers were delivered directly to the courtroom where Lacroix and made the transfer. This writes the Finance Magnates.

PlexCoin has come to the attention of the financial regulator in Quebec in July last year, but Lacroix continued his ICO-campaign. In this regard, he was convicted of contempt of court, and his assets frozen. In November, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) also filed a complaint against PlexCoin, Lacroix and his business partner Sabrina Paradis-Royer, demanding “urgent to stop fraudulent ICO, which since August has attracted $15 million from thousands of investors, promising with 13 times the monthly profit.”

In response, the PlexCoin filed a complaint that the SEC exceeded its powers in relation to persons who do not fall under its jurisdiction and to transactions that are not governed by the Federal securities laws of the United States. Then, in mid-June, the SEC emergency order, has received court permission to freeze the assets of Lacroix.

Also in may, the North American governing securities (NASAA) conducted an operation Cryptosweep (“Cryptonatica”) — coordinated work of the North American regulators and law enforcement authorities to eliminate fraud in the ICO. With a list of ICO, which have attracted the attention of regulators, can be found at this link.