Former CEO of bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox mark Karpeles has questioned the plans of the millionaire Brock Pierce to restart the trading platform and stated that the latter probably has incomplete information about the rights of the holders of shares. This was reported by The Block.

Karpeles told the newspaper that he had received only a letter of intent to acquire the Pierce Mt.Gox, but the conditions of the document has not been executed by the parties. According to him, to enter into transactions of this kind he had the court’s decision. In addition, the final agreement was to be signed within 45 days.

“This letter there is absolutely no value today”, — said Karpeles.

In turn, Brock pierce claims that the then head of the exchange has tried to derail the deal.

It is noteworthy that the transfer of the shares of jed McCaleb (12%) for 1 BTC is probably also invalid or never took place because it required the approval of all holders of shares.

“Probably, pierce is confident that the holders of shares will receive any dividends, but the process of civil rehabilitation does not involve such developments. He will not be able to distribute among the creditors received excess funds because they simply do not exist”, — summed up Karpeles.

He suggested that pierce might be interested in the ICO using the brand Mt.Gox.

“If someone will be able to restart the exchange under the Mt brand.Gox, obtaining licenses which will take from six months to a year, I don’t believe people will use it. No one wants a product under that name”, he added.

Earlier, Brock pierce outlined plans for a “revival” of Mt.Gox.