Former Director of marketing for the streaming platform Play2Live Maria Mareh under armed attack.

According to her, January 17, two unknown men pushed her into the car. The man who sat in the front seat and acted as the investor demanded to return the stolen money. Threatening with a pistol, Mareh demanded the return of money previously “lost” founder Play2Live Alexei Burdyko.

“Yes, I was told that last year when I left the project, he was telling everyone that I stole three million. This is one of those who invested in P2L. I have no money, I didn’t steal anything. I have not broken the law. I didn’t do anything wrong,” — said Mavrich.

In response to the threat, she again reiterated that she had no money, and said that “they need to sell the project.” And also promised to leave the country with his family, to sell Play2live and to give money to key investors.

The founder of the financial system for the streamers DeStream tacat he questioned the veracity of the story. He said that Navreh left the company in July 2018, although the claimed output of the project about a year ago. On the date indicated and the head Play2live Alex Burdyko in the email received This is evidenced by a post on Facebook from June 28, on page Mareh. It also referred to the continued cooperation “with the project of my entire life Play2Live”.

In the publication’s founder DeStream pointed out that investors who have $3 million, have been working with other methods. In his opinion, a girl would first meet at an expensive restaurant and intelligibly would explain what, how and when to return.

Burdyko himself claims that he tried to contact Mavraj after reports about the incident. However, the girl did not respond to messages and calls. She later admitted that it did not intend to go to the police. Founder Play2live convinced that such matters should be dealt with the Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies. Burdyko doesn’t know why Mavraj not filed until now, the statement “all leading authorities.”

The project Play2Live was launched in 2017. In it we offered the income in the form of tokens for watching streams. Recently Play2Live there was a reduction in staff. He Burdyko said that is in search of new financial sources.