Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation transferred the data storage of the diplomas received by the graduates over the last 10 years, on the blockchain.

“The idea is to load the diplomas of the Financial University in the blockchain born students International faculty of Finance… the Guys found a very elegant solution, and we will try to do so in a short time this service is fully implemented on the website” – said the head of the blockchain-laboratory of financial University , Andrey varnavskiy.

According to the University, and all diplomas received unique IDs given the name of the graduate, the series and number of diploma and were encrypted using SHA-256 algorithm, and then downloaded the blockchain.

The project team also intends to make access to the data on the diplomas issued by the public: the ability to verify the authenticity of the diploma on the website of the University plan to implement from September of this year.

Recall that in April, the blockchain-laboratory of financial University has won the right to perform research in the field of state regulation of the use of blockchain technology. This prepared by September 2018 by order of the state Duma of the document is expected “the most optimal for the Russian law approach to the regulation of the use of blockchain technology in the financial market”.