The company GoWeb International handed over the blockchain-laboratory of Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation equipment for the research and applied activities. This was reported on the website of the institution.

Now students enrolled in the program “the blockchain Technology in the financial sector” will be able in practice to read the algorithm Proof-of-Work and get skills of working with computer hardware capable of blockchain technology.

In addition, the experiments carried out with the use of this equipment, will get reflected in the research publications of the laboratory.

The representative of the International GoWeb Nikita Morozov expressed the hope that the equipment will benefit not only the educational process but also will be the basis for research in the field of effective application of these capacities in machine learning and computing in neural networks.

Together with trainees blockchain laboratories were immediately conducted a field test and identified areas for future research.

We will remind that in April of 2018, the financial University under the government of the Russian Federation won the right to perform research in the field of state regulation of the use of blockchain technology. And in June, the University transferred the possession of diplomas on the blockchain.