Hi there — it South Sobolev, admin Cryptofauna.Tech. If you are our reader, are sitting in our chat or on our forum, I think this information is important to you.

I’m not going to fail, at the moment on the website there is the following situation. Since June this year, each month the site generates a net loss from 200 to 1000$ per month (after deduction of all income and expenses). A large part of maintenance costs are covered out of my pocket, the rest is a little bit covered from donations. Why generate losses rather prosaically, the advertising market of cryptocurrency has died, for example in November, there was more than one advertising order, donations for the maintenance of the resource with the Jul alas was not there. However, all this time we have continued to work copywriters and rewriters, hired programmers to develop, acquire certain technical solutions for the site and the forum.

Unfortunately due to a pretty significant drawdown of the cryptocurrency market, coupled with the personal drawdown, it is very difficult to run a website without regard for his own purse. In this situation I was left with not many options to maneuver. One of these variants to the word was the closure of the resource.

I don’t want to lock the resource, if only because of how much effort and more importantly money has been invested as me, and other members of the community in the development of Cryptocurrency.Tech, so I selected the other option. I rightly assume that he, too, not everyone will like, but at the moment I see the only option to continue the existence of the site in the form to which we are accustomed.

Me today, it was decided to arrange a temporary freeze of the possibility of the conclusion of the return of the Deposit, which is submitted by the members of our chat to access the inner workings and hidden forum. This does not mean that return Deposit will be fully forfeited in favor of the site, however part of the funds from the return of the Deposit will go to maintaining the site. After the market stabilizes and growth of advertising revenues, the possibility of withdrawal of the return of the Deposit will be re-opened. To be honest, such an ability are extremely rare and most remain in our community forever, but for me it’s important to capture the moment.

If you want to support our resource you can donate your returnable Deposit on our future work. Just write an email to [email protected] with the email which you register in the chat. Can always, is to create for us here https://cryptocurrency.tech/podderzhat-resurs/. Although I do realize now there is hardly a lot of wishing, however I would be very happy if there are patrons who love it here.

To discuss the situation on the forum in this thread (later will), please refrain from critical remarks, I think in the end all will all end positively and positively. Just as likely, later the Deposit will be replaced with just a one-time payment for permanent access to the community, so we will be able to continue working.

The decision was difficult, but at the moment I don’t see any other options. Thank you for your understanding.