The Chapter dealing with financial crime investigation units of the FBI Antuono Steven D (Steven M. Finally, D) in an interview with the Paypers said that the Agency has developed approaches to identifying fraudulent ICO projects and advise users to consider them before investing in scriptactive.

Thus, the main signs of fraud in the FBI believe unrealistic promises of guaranteed return of the project, and false information about the experience of the leaders of a startup. In addition, users are advised to check the details of registration (through the service Broker Check from FINRA) and the location of the head office of the project, and to learn which laws and regulations General the company’s operations. Projects that exist only on the Internet or indicating in the contact section address only a post office box or registered agent of the FBI are advised to be especially careful.

Given that even a successful cryptoprocta prone to high volatility, investors are also encouraged to invest in scriptactive more than they can afford to lose.

Recall that in December last year, a study by The Wall Street Journal showed that hundreds of cryptocurrency projects are not unique and deceived investors, promising unrealistic profits. In the course of work, the analysts studied whitepaper 3291 projects – the results showed that 16% or 513 of them showed signs of “plagiarism, identity theft and promises of unrealistic income.”