Intergovernmental organization FATF, the main activity of which declared the fight against money laundering, plans to create a set of mandatory rules for cryptocurrency exchanges. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of an unnamed Japanese official.

According to the Agency, June 24 members of the FATF will discuss the effectiveness of the rules, their applicability to new markets and the principles of implementation of the requirements in the countries where crypto-currencies come under the ban.

Currently crypto currency exchange followed by optional recommendations involving registration and disclosure of suspicious activities. In addition, each state independently decides to what extent to adjust the cryptocurrency of the company.

Note that the government of Japan, which in April 2017 acknowledged bitcoin legal tender, intends to establish a mandatory supranational rules for the regulation of kryptomere no later than 2019.

Recall that in late February, representatives of the FATF announced plans to launch programs to study the risks of using cryptocurrency as a tool of money laundering.