Confirmed account on Twitter, disguised as Elon musk, was used for the publication and dissemination of dromotroponogo tweets to implement cryptocurrency fraud, sparking protests of users and the resurgence of anti-fraud in social networks.

The tweet was sent via the account @TylerFlorence, which at the time of preparation of the material is still available.

Scary stuff

— J. Mazaru Sanchez (@JMazaru) October 11, 2018

The link sent in the tweet directs users to a website offering users to “invest from 0.2 to 5 BTC and get from 1 to 100 PTS back!”.

The incident is notable, given that it includes a verified account, and that information about fraud was prevalent in the form dromotroponogo (promoted) tweet. Promoted tweets are paid, and generally used by the advertisers to reach a wider audience through your existing network of followers (in this case, the public interest in the Director of Tesla), to increase the visibility of the record.

Twitter has long been criticized for the prevalence of fraud. Indeed, the personality of Elon musk has been used in the past and other fraudsters looking to exploit the popularity of the Mask to trick users into thinking that it is, in fact, gives the cryptocurrency.

In August, a group of researchers has published data on a massive botnet, dressed scammy Twitter using fake accounts to show that real people interact with the organizers for the free distribution of cryptocurrencies.

This is a problem that the Musk is well aware that it is clear from its publication last month. At the time he sought assistance from members of the crypto community, including the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer, in an attempt to block fraud with his name.

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