Despite the history of struggle with gambling (because of this some companies were forced to withdraw from the local market with relevant apps), China is ripe for the blockchain casinos. So says Darin Oliver, an expert on cryptocurrency and founder of BlockDraw.

BlockDraw is a platform for blockchain-casino that combines gambling with cryptocurrencies. Oliver believes that China will eventually become an influential player in the global online games market, and cryptocurrency will become a perfect tool for this transformation.

In an interview at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this week, Oliver said:

There is no doubt that Asia is a region with huge opportunities for growth of online games. This can be judged by the level of Internet penetration. Online gambling in these countries is usually valued highly.

He explained that in Russia in the next five years will be added 20 million Internet users, and in Ukraine — 5-10 million In China, this increase will amount to 120 million

Additionally, Oliver noted that currently the largest cryptocurrency markets are Eastern Europe, Asia and China, which “is closely connected with gambling and provide unique opportunities for this new industry.”

He stated that the suppression of cryptocurrency in China is nonsense, which will leave in the past, because China, like many other countries, there is a problem with private Fiat currency.

Oliver added that his company is trying to cope with the volatility, creating your own stablemen.