The Ethereum recently generates about 100,000 new addresses per day, the total number of addresses on the platform exceeds 35 million, writes Trustnodes.

Bitcoin in March (latest data are for this period) had 24 million email addresses, and Ethereum at the moment is 31 million This comparison may not be very correct, because of smart contracts is also address but their account on the network Ethereum in the thousands, and the gap between bitcoin, at least in March, was about 7 million.

The above number does not necessarily correspond to the actual members of the network Ethereum, because one person can have multiple addresses. On the other hand, many simply are trading live on stock exchange, where each bound to one address. Coinbase only about 20 million users, and in Japan, there are about 3.5 million of customers ‘ cryptocurrency (according to the financial services Agency). Coinbase used most of the Americas and much of Europe, while Asia (especially from South Korea) can significantly increase this figure. So it is theoretically possible that 35 million is close to the real number of users of Ethereum.

However, statistics on the number of active addresses shows quite a different picture. The Ethereum and then bypasses the bitcoin, but only 550 000 active addresses (bitcoin has 472 000).

In General these figures show how the still small market, even though it attracts a lot of attention. There is also an interesting correlation between the total number of Internet users and users of the cryptocurrency.

This comparison involves the recognition of the blockchain technology at about the same level as the recognition of the Internet in the early 90s, years before Google, Facebook and others. A number of smart contracts, Ethereum and dappu now can be equated to early websites, that is today’s popular solutions on the blockchain by the standards of the Internet correspond to the days when bill gates said (although, he may have wrongly attributed this statement) that “640 kilobytes is enough for everyone”.