The Ethereum have reached a new milestone: the total number of the ether (ETH) has exceeded 100 million

As is known, the emission of bitcoins is limited to 21 million coins. The Ethereum limitation that for a long time gives rise to an intense debate in the community of cryptocurrency.

In 2016, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin made a forecast that the number of ETH in the foreseeable future will not exceed 100 million According to the then estimates, to 2025 will be released 98 562 556 ETH, and 2128 of the year — 101 212 556 ETH.

Perhaps, disbelieving in its initial forecast, Buterin in April of this year made a suggestion to improve Ethereum (EIP), under which the total emissions of ETH will be limited to 120 million Later confirmed that it was April fools “Matsuda”, but Buterin noted that the proposal in itself worthy of serious discussion.

The total number of ETH is growing annually by approximately 10%. The Genesis block (first/zero block) was found in 2015, when it was generated 72 million ETH. That is another 28 million ETH was nominee three years after the public launch of the network.

Concern in the community regarding the growing number of air caused by a problem of supply and demand. The price of the goods (or currency) has increased, the offer must be in short supply compared to demand.

Even if the idea Buterin about limiting the amount of ETH will be implemented, there is still the opportunity to significantly reduce emissions. It can happen together with the implementation of the Protocol consensus Proof-of-Stake (or Protocol with Casper). It is expected that Casper will reduce current inflation from 10% to 0.5-2% per year, but the timing of its implementation remain unclear.