The developers of Ethereum announced the postponement of the launch of Constantinople updates in the test network Ropsten, writes CoinDesk.

As explained on Twitter by the team leader Ethereum Foundation Peter silagyi, the main reason for the delay – the additional time for the customers, i.e. individual and corporate users who are operators of nod in Ethereum, so they can respond to a vulnerability discovered in one of the five main aspects of Constantinople.

In addition, the delay will allow network users Ropsten to spend more time on testing other Ethereum projects, including off-chasovogo solutions for scaling Raiden, and to prepare for a possible separation of the chain which may occur as a result of the implementation of Constantinople.

Constantinople requires the so-called “hard forks” and includes a number of changes affecting rewards for miners, code execution, data storage, etc. Node test network Ropsten should be ready to activate the update at the same time, otherwise they risk being left in the old network.

The developer of Raiden Lefteris Karapetsas reported in open discussion with other Ethereum developers that even a temporary split test network will make “testing his project almost impossible”, while he was “pretty close to launching in the core network”.

To avoid excessive manipulation, developed by Alex Akhunov suggested to run an alternative test of the network to solve the most pressing problems there before to implement network Ropsten with existing users.

Thus, the new release date Constantinople in the network Ropsten was installed on 14 October, when approximately will be released the unit 4.23 million, as agreed by the developers and users test network.

Silagyi warned that further postponement of the date of activation of Constantinople will lead to the fact that the implementation of the updates have to be performed in a more busy time, when developers will be expected to attend the fourth annual conference Devcon, which will be held on 30 October in Prague.

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