After a successful upgrade of Constantinople leading developers of Ethereum began to discuss the issue of who will coordinate further hardforce platform, and apparently came to the consensus that this task will be assigned to several people.

Discussion about the need for coordination of further actions in respect of upgrades were performed on the latest video conferencing developers of Ethereum. Its necessity was caused by the recent decision of the release Manager Parity Technologies Africa of Sedona about leaving the community.

As noted by the community Manager Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson, the role of the coordinator hardforce will consist of deciding on the hard date for submission of proposals on improvement of the Protocol (EIPs), their implementation and testing and final hold hardforce.

However, they came with the consent of the developers, this role must be shared among a few people who will work together.

“Of course, in this respect, they are no dictators, but they will come up with suggestions and ideas,” said Jameson.

Hardwork Constantinople in Ethereum was held on Thursday, February 28. Simultaneously, it was activated updating Petersburg, the purpose of which was to disable the Protocol EIP-1283, in which was revealed the problems with the vulnerability of type Reentrancy. It is because of them and was delayed upgrade of the network in January.

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