According to the report Vision Hill Advisors, fourth quarter of last year was the worst for the cryptocurrency funds.

The median loss of funds in the fourth quarter was 18.8%, in the III — 9,2%, in II — 4.3%. However, the median yield CryptoRandom was 25% higher than that of bitcoin. The yield funds in the last quarter of last year exceeded 27% index Bitwise 10 Large Cap, which consists of the most capitalized cryptocoins:

The composition of the index Bitwise 10 Large Cap

“At the end of the fourth quarter active managers exceeded the passive holders of bitcoin and most capitalized digital assets. We believe that positive findings for all of the active management industry that can help further promote a new asset class among institutional investors as well as facilitate the development of more effective strategies,” said partner Vision Hill Advisors Dan Culler.

The yield of CryptoRandom compared to bitcoin and Bitwise 10

However, some companies managed to get in a small profit. For example, funds that use quantitative investment techniques, in the fourth quarter surpassed the profitability of bitcoin at 40%. Their median yield was 2.9%. In addition, the loss of quantitative funds in any of the quarters did not exceed 3.1%.

Total funds under management CryptoRandom in the fourth quarter was about $4.5 billion Is a quarter less than in the second quarter of 2018.

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