The Minister of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) Tatyana Valovaya said that the EEU countries plan to develop a common approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICO.

According to her, has already held three meetings with the participation of associations and national stock exchanges of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. They also took part deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, representatives of Scientific-research financial Institute (nifi) and the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB).

The next event to be held in Belarus, which has experience implementing cryptocurrency projects in the special economic zone — Park of high technologies. Following the planned meeting in Kazakhstan.

As explained by gross, the participating countries of the EAEU are now preparing for the creation of a single financial market and meets along the way are many obstacles. To avoid such problems in the future with cryptocurrencies, you can develop a common approach to their regulation, according to the Minister of ECE.

“We need some model laws on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, so we did not invent each of their own, and then were forced to work for the unification,” — said Tatiana Valovaya.

As said Tatiana Valovaya, while the issue of creating a common cryptocurrency systems is not considered. While on the agenda is the issue of regulation and assessment of the future of this financial instrument.

Recall that in the state Duma introduced bills to regulate cryptocurrency, and ICO. Both have already received the approval of the government of the country, with the necessary modifications. Earlier in the state Duma said that the law “On financial digital assets” can be adopted before the end of the spring session in may-June.