The startup team Parity Technologies reported the detection of errors, allowing attackers to disrupt ecosystems Ethereum sending public node Parity Ethereum in version 2.2.9-stable or 2.3.2-beta RPC request, which would bring it down.

At risk have been the providers of infrastructure nodes, using the Protocol JSONRPC: Infura, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, etc. the Developers noted that the identified error had not tried to use and it does not threaten the safety of users ‘ funds. However, to reduce the risk of network malfunction and loss of access to decentralized applications, it was recommended as soon as possible to update nodes with the new software version.

The fix is out—please update your nodes ASAP.

While the vulnerability only directly affects Parity Ethereum nodes that serve JSONRPC as a public service (e.g., Infura, MEW, MyCrypto, etc), we recommend everyone to update their nodes immediately.

— Parity Technologies (@ParityTech) February 3, 2019

We will remind that in November of 2017 in 587 wallets of users were blocked by Parity funds to $160 million Used found in the library of the smart contract vulnerability unknown appointed himself the “owner” of the library and destroyed this component is required for the normal operation of multisig wallet.

A month ago, the Fund Ethereum Foundation has allocated Parity Technologies grant in the amount of $5 million to support the company in developing solutions for blockchain-Ethereum. And earlier, the project developers have launched a beta version of the technology stack, open source and Substrate 1.0, which will “radically accelerate the development of blockchain technology in decentralized applications” by creating customized blockchains.