The team of the popular hardware wallet Ledger has introduced two new apps for the device’S Nano — HODL and Recovery Check.

Ledger releases 2 new apps to further reinforce users’ security. Now available in #LedgerLive

— Ledger (@LedgerHQ) 26 on July 2018 R.

Both applications are aimed at improving the safety of storage facilities of users. Install HODL and Recovery Check through the app catalog Ledger Live.


Ledger, the developers assure that the users need not worry about the safety of funds, if the amount and address match what is displayed on the device screen Nano S.

HODL is designed to simplify the address entry and validation for the receipt of incoming payments, and also prevent associated with these errors. Thus, a new application automatiseret enter the address of any user-generated wallets in the Ledger Nano device S.

To take advantage of the new method, the user needs:

  • to select a field to enter the address on the computer;
  • to run the application HODL;
  • using Nano’s Ledger, select the appropriate purse.

After these steps, the address will be entered in the user-specified field.


This app allows you to double-check the correctness of the seed-phrase, which will certainly need the user in case of loss, theft or breakage of your device Ledger Nano S.

Previously, to test whether stored phrases, user can only reset a Nano device, and then select the option Restore Configuration. This process was time-consuming.

With RecoveryCheck the user can enter a phrase of 24 words, and the application will check the correctness of this sequence of words. Thus, there is no need to re-initialize the device.

Recall that recently the platform’s instant exchange cryptocurrency Changelly entered into a partnership with hardware manufacturer purses Ledger.