The developers of Ethereum proposed to reduce the award for the unit with 2 ETH 3 to ETH at the same time with implementation delays increase the complexity. It is reported TrustNodes.

“Reducing the rewards per block compensates for the delay of the ice age, preserving a balance in the network”, — stated in the proposal.

The developers also noted that this step will reduce the probability of a branching network of disgruntled miners.

Note that the Ethereum Protocol envisages a significant increase in difficulty of mining for stimulation of transition on the blockchain consensus algorithm Proof-Of-Stake (PoS). Due to the fact that the introduction of hybrid Casper, most likely, will not take place this year, the project team seeks to delay the so-called “ice age.”

Developed by Hudson Jameson also said that the second phase of hard forks Metropolis called Constantinople can be implemented to Prague Devcon in late October.

We will remind, earlier acne Buterin described the road map Ethereum, confirming that the simultaneous introduction of Casper and sharding will not.