The developers of Ethereum announced that hardwork Constantinople in the test network Ropsten will be held five days later than expected – on October 14 unit # 4230000. This delay, according to their explanation, is necessary in order to allow all operators nod in Ethereum be updated to counteract the discovered vulnerability in Constantinople.

In addition, users Ropsten will also be more time to test other projects on the basis of Ethereum and prepare for the split chain, which can occur after adforce. For example, according to the developer of Karapetsas Lefteris (Lefteris Karapetsas), testing its action on scaling Raiden in this division will be “almost impossible”.

Via community decision, we’ve delayed the #Ropsten Constantinople Ethereum testnet hard fork by epoch 1 to block #4230000 (+5 days) to allow clients to implement, test and release an update to CREATE2, countering a recently found EVM DoS attack vector.

— Péter Szilágyi (@peter_szilagyi) October 4, 2018

Recall that Constantinople includes changes designed to improve the efficiency of the platform to change its economic policies, and postpone the so-called “bomb complexity.”