The developers of Ethereum cryptocurrency Classic in his official Twitter account tonight called the information about a possible attack of the reorganization of the blockchain “rumors”

“On the basis of the data available to us we can say that the network is functioning normally ETC, – they wrote. See “Reorg” portal BlockScout there is nothing like that.”

However, at the time of publication on BlockScout has information about the two reorganizations that occurred a few hours ago – 10 of 6 blocks.

“All the exchanges and mining pools: please set significantly higher requirements for confirmation time input/output means (400+),” wrote the developers on Twitter later.

To all exchanges and mining pools please allow a significantly higher confirmation time on withdrawals and deposits (+400)

cc @OKEx @ExchangeXGroup @HuobiGroup @digifinex @binance @bitfinex

— Ethereum Classic (@eth_classic) January 7, 2019

It clarifies the portal CoinNess initially notice about the problems in Ethereum Classic was sent to the Chinese company from the scope of blockchain security SlowMist. The hash rate Ethereum Classic at the time of publication is about 9 TH/s, while the hash rate Ethereum – 187 TH/s. However, over the past two days, the rise of the hash rate ETC, caused by the activity of private mining pool.

Other information regarding this incident at the time of publication is missing.

According to the portal Crypto51, the cost of attack of 51% on the Ethereum network Classic at the present time is about $6 200 per hour.