Team Bitcoin Gold announced the upgrade of the network, after which the cryptocurrency is expected to be less vulnerable to various hacker attacks.

Progress has been achieved on all the required components for the upcoming Network Upgrade and we’re testing now, but this upgrade will require advance notice and careful planning to minimize disruptions — something we and our partners take very seriously.

— Bitcoin Gold [BTG] (@bitcoingold) 5 Jun 2018

In addition, hardform have to do unprofitable prey via a cryptocurrency ASIC mining. This is planned to be achieved by adding into the algorithm of the Bitcoin network Gold new settings.

Representatives of the project have not yet called a date hard forks, but note that most of the necessary components already ready and now they are being tested.

Recall, Bitcoin Gold coin appeared in October 2017, as a result, the hard forks of bitcoin network. The algorithm Equihash underlying cryptocurrency was to make the network independent from ASIC miners.

In may unknown miner has carried out “the attack 51%” on the Bitcoin network Gold, which allowed him to steal from the exchanges about 388 thousand coins.