On April 26 the team of the Bitcoin ABC was informed about a critical vulnerability that affected miners, using Bitcoin client-0.17.0 ABC. After examining the gap, the developers created a patch and released a new version 0.17.1, which was distributed at the mining pools Bitcoin Cash.

The message about the vulnerability was conveyed anonymously. According to the developers identified the bug could lead to unintended split in the Bitcoin network Cash. Due to the vulnerability, attackers could create a malicious transaction that would be accepted by miners, using Bitcoin-ABC 0.17.0. However, the block would be rejected other versions compatible with Bitcoin mining FOR Cash, such as Bitcoin Unlimited.

In connection with the security vulnerability, the developers encourage all users of version 0.17.0 as soon as possible to upgrade to the latest version 0.17.1.

The project team also said that it will take several steps to prevent similar situations in the future and faster response. In addition, Bitcoin ABC is negotiating with the industry over the launch of the official Bug Bounty program.