Developers hard forks MoneroV as one of the key stages of preparation to launch their own cryptocurrency made the Monero blockchain at block 1564965.

The #MoneroV snapshot block #1564965 has matured!
Please stay tuned for the Mainnet release soon!

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— MoneroV (@monero_v) 3 may 2018.

The will be used for distribution to the holders of the original XMV Monero, which had a positive balance on their accounts by the evening of 3 may.

Originally hardwork was scheduled for mid-March, but later the organizers decided to postpone, explaining it by the increased interest from users, trading platforms and large mining pools.

The organizers of the fork claim that their cryptocurrency has a number of important advantages over the original Monero, including the limited emissions, and represent that several trading platforms expressed a willingness to support a fork, distributing the coins to its users. Distribution MoneroV will occur at the rate of 10 XMV : 1 XMR.

At the same time, a number of services publicly refused to cooperate with the organizers of the project, and some community members called hard fork attack on Monero original and suggested that the provision of private keys to third parties, as required by the process of obtaining a coin fork, can lead to deanonimizatsii transactions. This is due to the technology of anonymity Monero and distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies that have passed through the process the hard fork.

The developers of the original Monero urged the organizers of the forks do not require the private keys of the holders of the cryptocurrency, if they act in the interests of the community.