Team Dash Core, the recently released official release v0.12.3.2, addressed to users with a request to avoid non-compliant with this version of mastered.

If you are any of these Listed #Dash MN’s — you ARE on the wrong VERSION !!
you need to be on 12.3.2 — Ver: 70210 !!!
The upcoming Sporks will kick you out of the payment cycle soon !
Start MN from Updated DashCore Wallet (12.3) or use DMT (0.9.20) !!#DigitalCash #Crypto

— DASH (@Dashpay) 11 Jul 2018

According to the developers, it is fraught with the exception of users of the billing cycle after the introduction of the so-called “sporco” protecting the network from unintentional fork during the update.

“All masternode needs to be in version 12.3.2 (70210) for the upcoming sparcom (multi-stage fork), just as it was mandatory for the test of the network code updates”.

However, as explained by the journal ForkLog representatives of the company, the warning applies only to owners mastered and will not affect normal users.

Owner masternode in Dash must have 1000 coins as collateral and IP address, available online at least 23 hours a day.

Note that in release Dash Core v0.12.3.2 was fixed several bugs and improved the initial synchronization.

We will remind, in may, the Core Dash team has announced three new proposals to improve the network: a special transaction-deterministic lists mastered and simplified check lists mastered.

At the end of June cryptocurrency Dash walked Bitcoin and Litecoin for Cash in daily transaction volume.