With the new solution, developers processing service BTCPay Server, companies and organizations are a relatively inexpensive way (less than $6 per month) to use a full bitcoin node for receiving and processing payments.

Instruction for using the new solution, which can be used as the Protocol microtransactions Lightning Network, and without it, published BTCPay Server Creator and developer of bitcoin Nicholas Dorier.

I just published “BTCPay Server Hosting for cheap” https://t.co/T1YjEjn2fR

— BTCPay Server (@BtcpayServer) August 18, 2018

In his record he explains how merchants can completely independently and without any formalities of banking to accept payments. Also proposed a variant in which it is possible to abandon the use of expensive cloud platform Microsoft Azure, which is involved in the current implementation. This allows not only to eliminate the need to rely on third parties, but also significantly reduces costs.

“BTCPay Server can be deployed in one click on Azure. However, this simplicity is worth the money – about USD 65 per month. And although, following these instructions after the initial synchronization, the price can be reduced up to 20 USD per month, it’s still darn expensive,” writes Dorier.

Another difficulty is that services, Microsoft Azure, you cannot pay bitcoin, which some merchants have difficulty, if they have any difficulties with credit cards.

However, using this alternative Azure as virtual dedicated server (VPS), the cost of accepting bitcoin transactions using a full node with a “cut-off” can be reduced to less than $6 per month. As an example, Dorier leads service time4vps, which can be purchased for EUR 6 per month or 4.49 euros if paid two years in advance.

“If tomorrow the US government will ban bitcoin, or use it suddenly becomes “sabotage or the manifestation of lack of patriotism (and it will happen when the situation with the dollar becomes unmanageable), and merchants will continue to use Microsoft Azure, many shops are forced to close. This will cause great harm to the ecosystem”, — writes Dorier.

Development BTCPay Server is about a year, but widely known in the community of the service received recently when a large company like CheapAir has publicly stated that he chose it as the primary service provider after a refusal to cooperate with Coinbase. While initially the option was considered with the transition to BitPay, but after weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, this option was also excluded.