After rapid growth in 2017 cryptocurrency market is experiencing a downturn. This process is not only affected investment in digital currency, but also seriously affect other sectors. One of them is the industry of graphics cards, which in the past year to enjoy the increased demand.

Speaking at the Computex conference in 2018, which took place recently in China, the head of Nvidia Juan Gensun announced that the company will not be releasing new models of video “for a long time.”

This decision was due to a decrease in demand. First of all we are talking about the family of the GeForce 10 Series, popular among miners and gamers. Moreover, it is reported that one of the Asian partners Nvidia returned to the company 300,000 cards.

Because of all this, Nvidia has encountered difficulties in product inventory. She’s not going to start a new line until you sell the stocks of video cards, some of which produced two years ago.

Amid the boom of mining in 2017 the family of video cards GeForce 10 Series gained immense popularity, especially the miners Ethereum and other altcoins. In the end, gamers are faced with a shortage of these components. In addition, many dealers are taking advantage of the excitement, inflated prices.

The company believes that the decline of mining and the decline in the prices of graphics cards will be visible after the third quarter of 2018. So, Colette Kress, Executive Vice President and Director of financial Affairs of Nvidia, says:

Demand for the cryptocurrency market have exceeded our expectations. In the current quarter we earned on sales of equipment for mining more than in the past In the first place for us is the main audience [of gamers], because cryptocurrency is likely to remain volatile.