Head of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh believes that the damage from the activities identified by the financial regulator of the cryptocurrency pyramid of Cerberi may reach 3 billion rubles.

“That $ 1 billion is a conservative estimate. But, according to expert data, it is 1-3 billion,” said Lyakh.

According to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina, the situation is reminiscent of the activities of scammers who sell people the tokens near the metro under the guise of cryptocurrency.

“There are inexperienced people, maybe not financial literate who fall for the bait of fraud,” — said Nabiullina.

Recall that the group has suspended operations until November 1, and in circulation on YouTube by the head of the group Arthur Vardanyan thanked users for “bright way” and accused the journalists of “lawlessness” and the “black strip” in the company’s life. However, with the filing of the Central Bank of Russia the Russian law enforcement bodies have begun check concerning the activities of the company.