Choosing bitcoins, businessman pressing touch screen button.

If the daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency will remain at the level of Monday or will go higher, then Bitcoin has a chance to start another cycle of growth. The price surge mainly reflected in the 24-hours volume of transactions with Bitcoin. For the first year, this figure exceeded $ 10 billion. If you believe Coinmarketcap for the first time such figures were recorded on 30 November 2017. The volume was kept in this range most of January 2018, but then the hype started to subside.

Now the volume is growing even despite the fact that the monthly volume of trading on exchanges for Fiat pairs decreased by 26.5% in January to 37.5 billion dollars. According CryptoCompare, at the same time purely trading on cryptocurrency exchanges fell by 7.2 percent to 132 billion. The CEO of the research firm Charles Hayter in the last monthly review from February 19, shared interesting thoughts.

Despite the slowdown in market activity, we see signs of maturation of the stock market. Now exchange to launch OTC products, derivatives and indexes. We continue to focus on providing retail and institutional investors with accurate data you can trust and that you can use in making investment decisions.

The interest in cryptocurrency is growing

Recent surveys of online investors eToro show that approximately two-thirds of capturadora-of Millennials believe more in cryptocurrencies than the stock market.

The volume of transactions with digital currencies on the international markets have since grown, and the market capitalization of Bitcoin alone for two days increased by 6 billion. Overall, daily volume of trade on international exchanges is about 35 billion, and this level has not been since April of last year.