Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx has become a leader in daily trading volume. This is evidenced by data Analytics service CoinMarketCap.

Within 24 hours, the platform has processed transactions worth $1.46 billion, which is approximately equal to 230 000 BTC. Thus CoinEx is shifted from the first position Binance exchange with a daily trading volume of $ 1.25 billion.

CoinEx is working on the model of mining trans-fee, which involves the release of token exchanges CET on Protocol ERC-20 for the payment of commissions or rewards for trading activity of traders.

In the latest report of the platform said that CoinEx is planning to try themselves in the market and move your token the public blockchain.

Note, many members of the crypto community criticize the model of mining trans-fee. According to them, using this scheme exchanges trading volume “pumped” mostly a lot of trading bots. This, in particular, creates opportunities for manipulation of different cryptocurrencies.

ForkLog previously reported that Singapore and Hong Kong CoinBene Bit-Z exchange topped the ranking on CoinMarketCap daily trading volume. Note, these platforms are also used in the activity diagram trans-fee.