Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken made use of two-factor authentication (2FA), available to customers in 2013, a prerequisite for working with this site. Users are recommended to install it the next time you log in to your account using Google Authenticator or a hardware security key for YubiKey.

However, the company is considering introducing new measures to ensure the safety of clients ‘ funds and runs the unit Kraken Security Labs that will identify vulnerabilities in the products of other companies, for example, in hardware devices, cryptocotyle, etc. – to enhance security in the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

We’re leveling up required security with 2FA, a new Chief Security Officer @c7five and the formation of Kraken Security Labs. Find out more here:

— Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) March 26, 2019

We will remind that earlier the Kraken put up a reward of $100 thousand in crypto or Fiat currency to anyone who can help tracing funds missing from the canadian crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX. The company also noted that last year the number of requests from the authorities it has grown three times in comparison with the 2017 year.