According to the manufacturer’s blocks EOS42, February 22, unknown hacker, using the fact that one of 21 manufacturers of power EOS have not updated the list of blocked demand ECAF compromised accounts, brought the account of 2.09 million EOS ($7.7 million). Later, members of the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, found that funds were transferred to accounts on their site – and froze them.

On Feb 22 at 17:35 (GMT+8), the Huobi Security team monitored that #ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Forum) blacklisted accounts had sudden flow of assets into Huobi accounts. These $EOS accounts have subsequently been frozen, including relevant assets related to these accounts.

— Huobi (@HuobiGlobal) February 23, 2019

After the incident in EOS42 made a proposal to revoke keys of compromised accounts instead of the existing approach to adding them to the blacklist.

Recall that in December last year the crypto currency exchange Huobi has launched on the derivatives market (Derivatives Market Huobi, DM) contracts for the EOS, and in mid-January in test mode started working crypto currency exchange Huobi EOS.