Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.IO has announced the launch their own crypto Wallet.IO, which is available to users free of charge and is designed to sync data on all devices, protect client funds and ensure their safety at the Bank level.

As representatives of the Gate.IO the solution is implemented in several levels of verification, for example, 2FA and Google Authenticator, and users have no need to come up with ways to remember and store the private keys. To protect against fraud assets, balances and transactions are recorded in the blockchain and can’t be changed.

The Vice President of Gate.IO in international relations Lizardo Virgilio (Virgilio Lizardo) reiterated the recommendation to keep the trading platform only those funds that are held for trading and the rest to keep safe crypto.

It is reported that Wallet.IO supports hundreds of popular scriptaction, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum tokens standards ERC-20, QTUM QRC-20, NEO NEP-5 and network EOS. However, it is not compatible with tokens BTS and GXS and others require additional authorization.

Recall that a week ago the experts of the company ESET has published the findings of a study conducted by them on the trail of the perfect November 3 attack on the Irish platform web Analytics StatCounter. According to them, the target of the attack could be cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io.