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Global exchange Cryptagio was one of the first platforms that support EOS tokens on the basis of EOSIO. EOS soon-oriented functionality will be enhanced by the launch of the CPG private token exchange platform EOSIO. Using a token, users will be able to increase their income, get discounts, and use of new trading pairs. Under the special bonus program in August of 2018, users will be able to get a free 100 Bonus tokens CPG in at least one trade on the exchange Cryptagio. These tokens can be spent to cover trading commissions.

EOS quickly gained popularity and took the place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The EOS-tokens gives access to resources on the network. Now users Cryptagio can buy and sell EOS with the following trading pairs: EOS/BTC, EOS/ETH, EOS/ USDT. Deposits and withdrawals EOS available in full functionality.

Listing the token-based EOS

With this release Cryptagio can also list tokens based on EOS that will be used in the near future. Moreover, the exchange intends to issue its own token CPG-based EOSIO. Being created to bring additional value Cryptagio and to support the development of the trading platform, token CPG will not be used to attract investment via the ICO or in any other way. In addition, 6 on August 30, users can get 100 Bonus tokens CPG, just making one trade during this time period. These bonus tokens can then be spent on trading commissions.

Other improvements work Cryptagio

Cryptagio is really easy crypto currency exchange created to bring undeniable benefits to users from all over the world and provide them the best experience in cryptocurrency trading. Recently, the exchange received a license to provide the service for the exchange of digital currencies for Fiat money, as well as service cryptocotylar. Along with the launch of its own token-based EOSIO Cryptagio also introduced a complete redesign of the website and optimized exchange for mobile devices.

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