The new owner of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck is a brokerage company Monex has announced plans for the release with the trading platform to the U.S. market.

According to Monex, this step can speed up the return of the crypto currency exchange, which suffered from large-scale hacking in January this year, among the largest players in the industry.

“We can expand our customer base Coincheck. In the end, we can and should return to profitability indicators, which the exchange was shown earlier,” — said General Director of Monex Matsumoto Oki (Oki Matsumoto).

At the end of the 2017 financial year Coincheck has reported the receipt of approximately $491 million profit, but the company has paid $432 million in compensation to the victims of the January break-in.

According to Matsumoto, although Japan has a reputation as one of the most favorable for kriptoloji countries, it lags behind other jurisdictions in clarifying the regulatory status of some crypto-currencies and tokens that during the ICO.

“It may seem that Japan is in the crypt ahead, but from the point of view of the decision of the question of whether a valuable paper or token, and also attract institutional investors, the United States and Europe are moving forward. What about the United States, will have a huge impact on Japan,” said Mr. Matsumoto.

He stressed that he sees the US and Europe enabling environment for kriptoloji that includes lower than in Japan taxes and the growing interest of institutional investors. As one example, Matsumoto pointed out the reduction of the tax rate on capital gains for transactions with cryptocurrencies from 45% to 19% in France. In Japan it is at the level of 55%.

“At this level, it’s hard to even think about scriptactive how about what you would put in your portfolio. This means that they’ll just remain a toy for speculators,” — said the head of the Monex.

Earlier, Oki Matsumoto expressed the opinion that cryptocurrency trade should be regulated by the rules of the banking sector.