Hong Kong cryptocurrency platform BTCC has announced the closure of its own mining-pool.

Blog BTCC Pool Limited States that all servers of the company to suspend operations for an indefinite period to 30 November 2018. Thus, to be completed four years work mining-pool specializing in mining bitcoins.

The administration of the exchange BTCC motivated its decision by the fact that the closure of a pool is directly related to the need for reformatting of the business and its adaptation to new conditions in the cryptocurrency market.

Until November 15, all miners working as a team BTCC Pool Limited must translate their computing power to third party mining pools. The unit of the exchange responsible for mining cryptocurrency, will be eliminated before the end of November.

First mining pool BTCC Pool Limited started to operate in 2014 in the middle of this year it controlled about 1.1% of the capacity used for bitcoin mining. Financial difficulties of the platform BTCC forced the company in June, 2018 to prepare for the sale of 49% of the shares of the pool to the investor from Hong Kong Value Convergence Holdings.

The buyer had to provide for the purchase of this package to $17 million, but the company has still not commented on the results of this transaction. According to experts, the rejection of his own mining-pool could be the result of the unsatisfactory financial performance of the platform. Bitcoin mining is gradually losing popularity among the miners.

Evidence of a slowdown bitcoin pools has been the decline Hasrat main cryptocurrency.