Cryptocurrency exchange Binance acquired the company-the operator of the browser, decentralized applications and crypto Wallet Trust, supporting more than 20 thousand created based on Ethereum tokens.

According to the head of the crypto currency exchange Campana Zhao (Zhao Changpeng), now Binance there are solutions for storage of digital assets both at centralized and decentralized sites, and users can 100% control their money. He did not name the amount of the transaction, but said it was low because the project has not yet managed to develop powerful user base.

The head of the Binance emphasized that established in November last year, the company has built a reputation on the approach to the safety of customers and guided by the principles of a complete lack of access to wallets, private keys, or users ‘ personal information. So now the project team, comprising 10 employees, retain autonomy of action and will get freedom in developing the main product, while taking advantage of the synergy with the Binance. At the same time, a crypto currency exchange will continue negotiations on purchase of new companies.

Recall that by the end of 2018 Binance expects to benefit from $500 million to $1 billion In the company’s plans also means an exit on the market of South Korea.