Since the beginning of the week the price of bitcoin is headed for a decline and 1 August fell below $7500. Altcoins also continued the development of the longer-term downtrend. In cryptosuite come “these days”.

Begging for the bottom of altcoins to drop out so I can buy the capitulation like:

β€” Mike (@TxdoHawk) 30 Jul 2018

The days when we got to the β€œLamborghini” version 2018:

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β€” Bitcoin Humor (@bitcoin_humor) 30 Jul 2018

Well, that is the most simple way to protect yourself from negativity:

It’s the only solution to a downturn!
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β€” Crypto_dynamite (@crypto_dynamite) August 3, 2018

However, zakupivli in December, it is unlikely to help:

nobody knows if he dead or alive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ§#cryptomemes #crash #hospital #coindelirium

β€” CryptoMemes4You (@CryptoMemes4You) 29 Jul 2018

In such circumstances, it seems strange that there are still people (or hippos) who wish to make money through the ICO:

Although, between you and me, give the man the paper and he’ll turn it into a whitepaper:

Ongoing troubles with the exchange WEX (ex BTC-e) and increased against this background, the Commission for withdrawal of funds are pretty exhausted the audience. To withdraw or not to withdraw β€” that is the question:

In the Russian-speaking community continued the debate about how dangerous operation to the crypt:

… and is there a way to get away from pension reform:

In the English language β€” discussing how relevant the transition to vegetarianism, if the cow thinks Ripple is a good investment:

… and indulged in the controversy sverrisson:

by @nic__carter

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) August 1, 2018.

And at the end of the review once again will introduce you to cryptosystem:

Spotted at Art Market San Francisco@luckyrapp
Bitcoin, 2018
Gesso, paint, acrylic, resin

β€” cryptograffiti (@cryptograffiti) 29 APR 2018

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