One of the leading developers of solutions based on the Protocol Lightning Network (LN) Acinq startup raised $1.7 million during a funding round led by Serena Capital, according to CoinDesk.

The investment round was also attended by the co-founder of Talend Bertrand Diar, Sebastian Lucas, Manager of the Altana Digital Currency Fund Alistair and founder of Snapcar Eve Weiselberger.

Based in Paris based startup Acinq a few years ago. During this time he, along with Lightning Labs, and Blockstream has become one of the leading developers of LN solutions. The latter allow you to make instant transactions, and effectively solve the scaling problem of bitcoin.

One of the most popular solutions Acinq Eclair is a Wallet — purse that supports Protocol Lightning Network.

“We have done all this with very few resources”, — said CEO and co-founder ACINQ Pierre-Marie Pardew.

Would go to investment?

Pardew said that the funds raised will enable us to create more “cool services” on the basis of LN.

“This is good not only for us but also for the further adoption of the technology”, he added.

The funds raised will also allow Acinq to hire 3-4 highly specialized developers. In addition, the startup intends to actively cooperate with other companies on the development of standards for the Protocol LN.

Team effort Acinq will also focus on creating mobile and desktop LN-wallet and recently introduced an API called Strike. The latter is intended to provide a simple technique Lightning payments.

Focus on UX

With regard to user experience (UX), Pardew is confident that most startup focused on convenience and ease of use LN-decisions.

“We pay significant attention to user experience. We first released a mobile app. We believe it is vitally important that ordinary users used the Lightning” — he said.

Despite the fact that the market presents quite a lot of LN-wallet Pardew believes Eclair “most advanced” of all and the most popular among users.

“If I had to choose between new features and UX, we will always give priority to the last”, — said the head Acinq.

We will remind, recently published update of the Lightning Zap wallet.