Ethereum developer and Creator of the standard ERC-20 Fabian, Thelistener in a speech at the conference Devcon4 in Prague, proposed the concept of reversible ICO (RICO), during which a special smart contract will allow investors to return their investments at any stage of development of the project by returning the token.

Once Ethereum coins will once again be the investor, other users will have the opportunity to purchase tokens. Thelistener stressed that all this may provoke the oscillation of quotes, so projects will need to attract core funding from private investors outside the ICO.

He added that he feels responsibility for ICO boom because have created the same standard, and intends to offer the best model. In his view, RICO can significantly reduce the number of Scam and to encourage project creators to fulfill their promises.

Earlier, Thelistener proposed to use a set of rules ERC-725 for standardization of digital identity.

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