The Creator of cryptoprocta Augur Matt Liston (Matt Liston) was founded blockchain religion 0xΩ (“Zero X omega”) with a private token Omega, which is a “promoting awareness” and “create models of collective consciousness where the structure itself is God.”

Liston considers himself not cryptoprotocol and the developer, who noted a similar approach from the representatives of the crypto community and religious people, and proposes to use the created system based on a distributed registry for both new and emerging religious projects.

Liston intends to engage in 0xΩ creative people to promote their work. To 0xΩ already joined the artist Avery singer (Avery Singer), whose work depicting a narwhal with a dog’s head in headgear and tattoos, and also with the tail in the form of the infinity sign and logo Ethereum – the future can be considered as a subject for worship.

We will remind, the Nobel laureate in Economics Robert Shiller (Robert Shiller) said that cryptocurrencies are reminiscent of some of the failed attempts to convert the money that had been made throughout the history of mankind.