A Norwegian court has upheld the decision of the Bank Nordea, who closed last year’s account cryptocurrency exchanges AS Bitmynt on suspicion of insufficient counteraction to activities associated with the laundering of money obtained by illegal means and financing of terrorism.

The court found that bitcoin trading, although mostly carried out in the law conditions, of course, points to the risks of money laundering and transactions for criminal purposes.

In addition, he noted that the practice of combating such activities in Bitmynt AS was carried out in manual mode, its founder, and, relying on their own intuition, customer’s contact details and information of the Wallet Explorer, he could miss signs of suspicious activity.

Denial of banking services made it impossible for the founder of crypto currency exchange Style Syunda (Sturle Sunde) company registration at the business registration portal of the centre of Brønnøysund. Sound not hide the disappointment in the court decision and claims that he has not broken any laws and intends to file for an appeal. Legal costs have already cost him 1 million Norwegian crowns ($124 thousand), now he is considering the idea of fundraising for further work with the court with the help of crowdfunding.

Recall that one of the leading kryptomere Chile Buda through Antimonopoly court recently forced two of the country’s largest Bank, Banco del Estado de Chile Corpbanca Itau, to reopen her blocked account. However, in respect of 8 banks also failed in the crypto currency exchange service, the trial is still ongoing.